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dan-photo-curved-2-274x300I have worked very hard to create a real estate website that helps you get the information you are looking for quickly because I believe that access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape your Northern Nevada real estate experience.  You can sign up now to receive all new listings according to your desired criteria that get posted to the MLS.real estate in nevada

Excellent customer service is important to me so I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences. I am able to be your trusted resource for Northern Nevada real estate because I have extensive knowledge in every aspect of real estate partnered with market research and insight.

You’ll find groundbreaking features on this website which gives you the most extensive list of all Northern Nevada homes for sale.  Listings of homes are updated every hour from the local Real Estate MLS!

Homes for sale in Minden

The town of Minden is a great place to purchase a home in Northern Nevada.  There are secluded ranches, historic homes, traditional homes and estates. You’ll find both rural and city living. Use my easy to use search tool to find all Minden, Nevada homes for sale. Minden is a unique town among the towns in Nevada, and probably even among towns in the United States, for it was mapped and defined on the ground before a building was ever erected. As a result, it’s neatly laid out streets served as the guide for growth during the first fifty or so years. Since the 1920’s, new subdivisions have altered the symmetrical pattern of the town, but quality and pride remain.

Homes for sale in Gardnerville

The Gardnerville community offers a wide variety of Northern Nevada homes for sale.  The wide variety of homes in this area include ranches, starter homes, condos and established neighborhoods. Use my easy to use search tool to find all Gardnerville, Nevada homes for sale. In the 1800’s, Gardnerville came to serve as a feed stop for the 24-horse freight teams traveling between Carson City and the mining camps. By 1885, the fledgling town had begun to grow along with the farming industry in the valley. The town prospered as more hotels, shops and saloons opened their doors along Main Street. By 1899 Gardnerville had become a center of commerce in the Carson Valley as well as a hub of community activity in the valley.

Homes for sale in Carson City

Carson City is the capital of the state of Nevada.  Homes that make up this small city (population just over 50,000) include historical houses, family homes, condos,  large houses and small ranches. Use my easy to use search tool to find all Carson City homes for sale. The city originated as a stopover for California bound emigrants, but developed into a city with the Comstock Lode, a silver strike in the mountains to the northeast near Virginia City. The city has served as the capital of Nevada since statehood in 1864 and for much of its history was a hub for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.

Homes for sale in Reno

Reno is known as the “biggest little city in the world.”  It is the largest city in Northern Nevada and the 4th largest city in the state.  Use my easy to use search tool to find all Reno homes for sale.  What began as a farming town, Reno grew into a gambling mecca in the early 1900’s. They city has now diversified and it’s pro-business culture brings in many new businesses annually. The University of Nevada has a campus here which is home to just over 18,000 students.

No matter which area of Northern Nevada you want to live in, we can help you find the home you’re looking for!  Contact me and we’ll get your search for a home right away.